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Fuel Card Solutions

FcS is the go-to Fuel Card with unparalleled capabilities that facilitate transacting across various delivery channels including USSD, QR Code, POS NFC APP. Clients have access to User APP which enables them keep track of their account activities. Besides a single card for each driver or vehicle, a single card can be issued to multi vehicles and several drivers, with each driver having own PIN for accountability. Card use is managed through Geo-Fencing and PIN and every transaction is on double authentication basis. Efficient management of settlement to dealers at appointed times, discount accounting and loyalty management are some of its powerful features. The communication module comprising SMS and Email allows stakeholders to keep in touch with each other. Embedded customer segmentation capabilities help in targeted product marketing. Every stakeholder has access to comprehensive reports helping manage finances better. Remote card crediting, blocking, cold marking and bulk loading are some of the advantages to enjoy. The simplicity, security, agility in transacting make this platform a joy. The card can be integrated to Mobile Network Operators and Banks achieving a truly omnichannel product.